The next thing included will be a design schematic for your space. This will show the general layout and conceptual design layout of the project including scale and placement of objects. Sometimes a sketch is provided for more detail. Present these to your contractor (or engineer/architect depending on the scope of the project) as a design guide.

*** This is NOT a set in stone plan to follow. We get about 95% of the way there, but since we are not in your space and are not architects, we cannot give you a concrete plan. We have 11 years of experience doing renovations, yet we still always defer to specific professionals to check and double check dimensions. It will be up to them to take their own measurements and decide if and where tweaks need to be made. A good contractor and/or cabinet installer will always take their own measurements. They should never rely solely on your or my measurements. 



The third thing you'll receive is a shopping list for everything you'll need to put into the room. The example to the right shows just a portion of the spreadsheet sent to our Cincinnati client. The full spreadsheet includes the following:

  1. Item
  2. Where to buy it + link if available
  3. Description of the item
  4. SKU
  5. Quantity Needed
  6. Price
  7. Total
  8. Total with Tax

The shopping list includes finish materials aka the items that need design attention. For example, we include the tile and grout needed, but do not include building materials such as mortar or backer board needed to install the tie. When getting a price from your contractor, you can give them this list to include in the bid or ask them to price out building materials and labor only. The latter route is our preferred way. We like to watch for things to go on sale and buy them ourselves. Buying things on your own will require you to spend the time acquiring each item and having somewhere to store it. Decide which way is best for your situation.


Once you receive the full eDesign, design board + layout + shopping list, there will be an allowance for up to 2 more revisions. If more revisions are needed after that, we'll invoice at an hourly rate for the additional changes needed. This is why getting it very close the first time is so important. After revisions are complete, final payment is due.


You're set to go! You'll hand the design over to you to begin. I makes it super easy to communicate which way the art should hang, how something should look once installed and a good idea of the desired outcome. But we're not done with you yet!


With your eDesign you will receive up to 1 additional communications during your renovation.We'll set up a phone call or FaceTime chat to walk through your progress and go over any hiccups you may have run into. During demo something often comes up that may change the design. No worries! We'll figure out a solution.  It's up to you to schedule these phone meetings as you need them. You are welcome to have questions or need clarification. 


If something comes up during your renovation that requires changes not originally foreseen and can't be handled verbally during your call, we'll invoice for those changes at an hourly rate which we will discuss before we start the design.  


Note: Once you receive full access to shopping list, custom layouts when you sign up, no refunds are available.