Our team is known for its in-depth expertise in all aspects of design, management, and renovation.

We focus on working with the best quality materials and equipment, as well as the most excellent sub-contractors. Our clients are our main priority; we strive our best to meet their expectations.

We are committed to supplying all our sites with guaranteed best quality materials, as well as our internal team of project managers team people who daily show great professionalism in their roles.

Therefore we guarantee our customers security and support when making their investment with us. We strive in committing to compliance from the planning, implementation and finishes the project to be developed.

Bathroom interior design in California.

Among the services that we provide we have:

New Construction Finishing Materials | Bathroom Build-out and Renovations | Kitchen Design and Remodeling | Decorating | Selective demolition | Window Treatments | Painting | Lighting Design and Installation | Complete Renovation | New Floor Installation | Room Additions | Restaurant Remodeling | Floor Refinishing | Closets and Storage System | Construction Clean-up


Tired of living in a pinterest Dreamroom board? 

Your current situation sounds something like this...

your parents hand down furniture, that one awkward recliner, pillows from thrift shop and clutter on the shelves!

  leaving you feeling anxious, unmotivated and overwhelmed.

Finally, a virtual interior design packet customized just to your dream board designed and guided by an expert designer! 


  1. You get a one Personalized Design game plan catered to your ideal budget, decor, and furnishing goals. ($500 Dollar Value)

  2. Inside Your Game Plan you will receive a "Declutter Plan" to bring comfort, peace and balance to your desired space. ($200 dollar Value) 

  3. Designed For those ladies wanting to make some significant visual changes without spending a ton of money or time on a remodeling guided by a professional designer.



Only: $1,200 per room 


or:2 payments of $600

Where: Over virtual platforms: Phone, Skype or Zoom


WHAT EXACTLY You'll get:

  1.  1:1 Call with Designer to come up with a game plan. The consultation will take place in the comfort of your home over Zoom.

  2. A new space layout of the room

  3. A design board visual showing all of the furniture, accessories how they come together

  4. A shopping list for all of the furniture & accessories you'll need to pull it off

  5. 1 Design Revision per room


CasaMia VIRTUAL DESIGN is for anyone wanting a plan in hand to implement their renovation. No need to spend hours online looking at furniture.

This work will be done for you. 

You'll be handed a design that fits your space and personality and brings it to life. 

If you're ready and want a clear answer before your project, let's schedule a chat. 



The Process

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is fill out the design questionnaire and we'll email you back with scheduling, payment and instructions on what to send.

Design on a budget - virtual design support.

Step 1: Fill out Questionnaire  

The first step is to fill out our questionnaire.  If we need more information we'll reach out to you for that, but do your best to give us ALL the info upfront. There can be a lot steps in this process if we don't keep a tight grip on information flow. So, do your best to spew everything into the questionnaire from the start. We'll also ask for a link to your Pinterest Board(s) so have them ready. If you struggle with this or don't have one, no worries. We'll figure it out later.

Blue print and materials for interior design on a budget.

Step 2: Send Photos and Videos

We'll ask you to send us photos from every angle. Make sure you are standing as far back in each corner of the room as you can. Try to get at least 2 walls in the photo. If you have to stand in a closet or doorway to get a wide angled shot of the room, do it. Whatever it takes! Sacrifice yourself for the sake of design! JK don't do that. Just get as much of the room as you can. We also very much appreciate video tours! It helps us get our bearings plus we love your color commentary. Below are examples of before photos from our Cincinnati eDesign client. These photos are shot vertically. The space is small and capturing it all was tough for our client. If possible, we prefer horizontal shots. 

Interior design on a budget - blue print

sTEP 3: Receive design concept via drop box 

You will have a chance to review your design still not satisfied no worries we will revise it the entire design on the house.

Additional revisions will be billed at $49/hr.   

Therapy Session Begins and we Bring your Vision to Life

What You'll Receive, a vision game plan that included your existing or new furniture with a layout, a list of perfectly curated accessories shopping list selected by me to meet your design needs and budget. 

Interior design on a budget - mapping out the items.

Veronica Gonzalez in Indio, CA on Houzz
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